Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rankin Migration - 23 Sept. 2009

Hi all,

This year (again with Mark Prostor’s expertise) we instrumented 3 male peregrines with 22 gram GPS PTTs (MTI). All were raising young when they were fitted with PTTs. We have been collecting 12 locations per day to determine home range, and will maintain the fix frequency throughout migration. I’ll send out updates periodically on their progress as they head for South America..

In early Sept, one of the males was killed (likely shot from the looks of the carcass) after the single chick that the pair managed to hatch died. The other 2 successfully raised young.

One of the remaining males began his outward migration yesterday Sept 22 between 1400-1600 UTC. He travelled SW in a series (5) of short 3-20 mile hops every 2 hours arriving on the shore of Maze Lake 30 miles inland of Whale Cove at midnight UTC on Sept 23. He remained there up to and including the last data point at 1400 UTC. The pair laid 4 eggs and raised 2 young, a female and a male that are 29 and 30 days fledged respectively as of the male’s departure. The image below shows the male bringing in a lemming on the day that the first chick hatched.
The other male is still in Rankin, but I suspect that the data will show his departure at the next download in a couple of days.