Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rankin Migration - 14 Oct. 2009

Blue has flown over 2500 miles, and despite an initially similar route to those taken by birds in 2008 (that took them westwards), veered eastwards to visit Chicago for a couple of days. He has tracked SE and now looks to be taking the Florida route.

Red has now flown over 3000 miles and was in the Dry Tortugas at last record and is likely currently on route to Cuba or directly across the Gulf.

Here are a couple of images taken during South Padre Island Peregrine Survey in Texas – the first photo is of a freshly eaten coot (a Hatch Year female with full crop was sitting not far away), the other is a pretty typical of the Padre Island habitat where many hundreds of peregrines stage on their way to South America.


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