Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rankin Migration - 17 Oct. 2009

Blue has now logged more than 3000 miles and has continued to track SE. His last observed location was on South Bimini Island (part of the Bahamas) 56 miles ESE of Miami, Florida (quite a departure from other birds that have taken the Florida route). He stopped 3 times while in the West Palm Beach area, each occasion in a location significantly less populated than the surrounding urban landscape (a 25 square mile water catchment area, an up-scale acreage-type residential area and a golf course). He also used a natural area along the Fox River in other-wise highly populated region near Elgin, Illinois on a previous stop-over.

Red is 3700 miles into migration, and did cross to Cuba (the far western end near Cabo de San Antonio) before making the 125 mile ocean crossing to the Yucatan. He meandered southward generally along the coastline and his most recent data point shows him to be 17 miles WSW of Belize City.

Attached also are two photos from birds trapped on Padre Island – the first is of an adult female that first captured as a hatch year bird in 2000, and the second is of a blonde second year male.


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