Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rankin Migration - 22 Oct. 2009

Blue has logged over 4300 miles as of midnight Oct 21, a month after leaving his territory in Rankin Inlet where it is currently -11C with snow and a 20 mph wind – wind chill is -22C. His last data point had him a few miles east of Remolino, Columbia where it 25C with some scattered showers and a 2 mph wind. He left the Cuban mainland just west of Guantanamo Bay at about 0900Z on Oct 20 and (apparently) without stopping flew 702 miles across the Caribbean Sea arriving 34 hours later on the Columbian mainland at 1900Z on Oct 21. His 2 hr data points are very evenly space and show he was travelling at a relatively constant speed of just over 20mph, wind speed was apparently low (about 3mph from the NW).

Red has been sedentary since the last update, logging an additional 200 miles for a total of over 3900 miles…his data points are mostly clumped along the coast near Cuyamel on the Honduran side of the Guatemalan/Honduran border.


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