Saturday, April 24, 2010

Panoramio tells the tale

In mid-March, whilst wintering in Brazil, Blue began spending many hours each day and night in a very urban location as shown in the GE image below - to me it looked like he may be using the trees around which the GPS locations were scattered, but I couldn't tell from GE what was so special about the few trees he seemed to have selected when there were so many others just like it to choose from?

The "Roost" location

I e-mailed the GPS locations to my colleague, Mark Prostor, to get his thoughts on what might be so attractive to the peregrine. He took a look at the locations in GE and then started looking for Panoramio images close by...he found one of the swimming pool below(and bottom left corner of the GE image above), and pointed out the GPS fixes were located at the cell phone tower that can be seen in the top right corner of the pool photo.

The Pool

It also be came apparent after a few weeks that GPS locations would periodically be situated in the surrounding soy bean fields like the one below located half a mile from the cell tower.

Soy bean field

Looks to us like the cell phone tower served as both safe overnight roost and strategic location from which he could hunt prey in the nearby agricultural lands.