Friday, May 14, 2010

Hmmm...decisions, decisions?

This week Blue traveled another 535 miles (since the May 7) for a cumulative distance of over 2800 miles thus far. Surprisingly he once again veered from the expected NW bearing to one that is now taking him NNE. If he maintains his current bearing, then it's possible that he may ignore the Andes and Panama altogether opting to take the Cuban route north as he did to come south. Alternately he could cross the Caribbean Sea from Venezuela or Columbia directly to Central America (Costa Rica or Nicaragua). Both have their risks and benefits - the former is ultimately a shorter route to Rankin Inlet, but it means crossing a minimum of 400 miles of open ocean. The latter offers the relative safety (in my mind at least) of the Central America land bridge, but is a significantly longer route to Rankin Inlet. Complex decisions when time is of the essence for those individuals breeding in the Arctic.

Route taken through May 13\

His last received data point indicated his position to be on the northern fringe of the Amazon Jungle straddling the border between Venezuela and Colombia (see image below)...

Blue's location on northern edge of the Amazon

...and that he roosted on a hill (red circles in lower left corner of the GE rendition below) overlooking the Orinoco River that divides Colombia and Venezuela . In the background, about 30 miles from the the river, you will a series of mountains...

GE rendition and most recent location (lower left)

...Panoramio photos show that the mountains include a well known table-topped mountain (Tepui or Tepuy) called Autana Tepui...I can think of worse places to stop.

View of Autana Tepui from village of Seguera

Autana Tepui

More next week from the Arctic.